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After searching the area for a facility suitable for brewing beer – we came to realize that the best beer comes from a brewery that was designed and built to be a brewery. Much time and care went into the planning and building of Saddlebock Brewery. First, we wanted to make sure we built a facility that would allow us to brew great beer. But we also wanted to design a craft brewery that was environmentally friendly. So, we made choices along the way to do just that.

The 3-level design of Saddlebock Brewery creates a facility that allows us to brew great beer in a natural - and environmentally friendly way. Grain storage will be on the top level – and we’ll use an old-fashioned manual hoist to get it there. Storage on the top level allows us to gravity feed – not pump – grain into the brewing system. The Brewhouse and Tasting Room are on the main level. Lighting on this level is provided by light panels on the north side of the building, which bring in natural sunlight without heat, virtually eliminating the need for electric lighting during the day on the upper two levels. Finally, our brewery building includes a true cellar on the lower level. Beer will gravity feed into the fermenters in the cellar (again, no pumping). And, the cellar stays naturally cool all year, reducing the need for conditioned cooling.

Key components of our brewhouse were sourced locally, from a custom fabricator in Springfield, Missouri. Our brewery is process-capable to brew a complete range of beers, from single infusion to decoction specialty beers. We are committed to producing quality beer, and have an on-site lab to monitor the health of our yeast strains and ensure that all aspects of our beers meet exacting quality standards.

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At Saddlebock Brewery we offer a wide variety of beer. Click on the links below to learn more about each beer then click on the button below to locate our beer in your area.

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Each month the Saddlebock website will be featuring a local vendor that offers Saddlebock Beer.


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TripAdvisor's vacation rental site has announced that through industry research and traveler feedback, we've found the 50 most loved and most talked about wineries and breweries in each state across the country, and Saddlebock Brewery has been recognized on the list of 2014 Top Wineries & Breweries Worth Traveling For in Arkansas!

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